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Q. What is the purpose of the "Communication Method" field in the Requested Performing Location dictionary?Q. When I attempt to import Result Charges Encounters into TWPM, why do I only see charges that were submitted against Appointment Encounters?Q. Where is my Dictate column on my schedule?
Q. Why can't I see the menu items that I just built?Q. Why is the Reminder button grayed out when right-clicking on an order from the ACI? All other right click options are available.Q:How many Picklists can you have?
Q:In v11 there is a Security Setting of Document - Invalidate which applies to all Documents. How do I give Invalidate Note privledges to a user without allowing them to invalidate all Documents?Q:Is there an Audit Trail for Vitals
Q:The following fields on the Manage Immunizations screen used to automatically default to the values that were last entered for that particular vaccine (no matter who the patient was): Dose, Route, Site, Manufacturer and Lot
Q: According to "Pre-Configuration and Certified Workflows Release Notes" (v11.1.1), there is supposed to be a new CharViewer view called "Recent Chart." why can't I find it?Q: According to "Pre-Configuration and Certified Workflows Release Notes" (v11.1.1), there is supposed to be a new Chart Viewer view called "Recent Chart." why can't I find it?Q: After changes were deployed to an interface mapping, the target system loses connection without a specific error message
Q: After switching from the Brief to Comprehensive version of a noteform, why can end users switch back to brief?Q: An error occurs when attempting to add free text options to a drop-down list in note admin and when trying to add additional options to symptom forms in symptom builderQ: An error occurs when attempting to add free text options to a dropdown list in note admin and when trying to add additional options to symptom forms in symptom builder
Q: Are Chart Alerts Audit-able?Q: Are there preferences associated with changing Merge Fields for Documents or Text Templates?Q: Can I set up the Note so the Referring Provider will be Automatically Carbon Copied?
Q: Can age and race populate in HPI noteforms?Q: Can buttons be added to the NAW?Q: Can individual analytes be added to a flowsheet instead of entire panels?
Q: Can scheduled meds send a task?Q: Can symptom forms be copied in note admin?Q: Can the lines on an amended note be removed from the output?
Q: Can we assoicate multiple CPT-4 codes to an orderable item?Q: Can you change what task type the document interface triggers for those documents that are electronic signature (or part of the electronic workflow)?Q: Does ConnectR have the functionality to compare dates?
Q: Does a flowsheet have to be "orderable" in order to result an item within it?Q: Does loading Specialty Favorites affect how favorites are populated for new users?Q: Does the Dispense Sample action create a task?
Q: How can I edit the Custom Task Filters?Q: How do I Remove Items from a CareGuide Template?
Q: How do I change the action type on an Active MedQ: How do I correctly map "Order-Level" comments and "Item(Result)-Level" comments?Q: How do I create a LogIn Pop-Up Message?
Q: How do I get PCP to display in the Patient Search screen?Q: How do I promote a user to a Provider?Q: How do we change the drop down in HMP - It currently populates "Immunizations Series"
Q: How do we complete non-interfaced items?Q: How do we create HMPs in v11?Q: How do we load patient education?
Q: How do we make the HMP a user friendly tool again without the clutter?Q: How does provider schedule security work?Q: How is the "Item name" defined in Immunizations (in the Health Management Plan Window)?
Q: How many characters can you put in a Chart Alert?Q: I've changed the display style for vitals, flowsheets and/or results but why didn't anything happen?Q: I copied and pasted a results interface which contains multiple segments and now the new copy of the interface mapping does not work.
Q: I have a 3rd party DLL I need to reference in a script in ConnectR. Is there any secret to it?Q: I have setup a pass-thru interface feed from production to test and enabled the systems, but cannot get messages to file in the test target system. How do I get messages to file to the test target?Q: I moved an interface mapping from test to production by exporting/importing within CxR, but now some field mappings are not working in production. How can I verify the validity of the new mapping?
Q: If a form is inactive and not removed from a template is there any impact?Q: If two users edit a note at the same time, is there a warning message?Q: In 15.1, why are the noteforms cut off on the side?
Q: In V10 users were assigned a Signing Authority, but this functionality is controlled in v11 note with the Finalization Authority. If going live with v11 and still using v10 note, where do I setup Signing Authority?Q: In our V10 System we were not using the Order module. Now in V11, our providers can see orderable items and click there. How do we handle this?Q: In what scenario is deferring an order useful?
Q: Invalidated note attached to appointment encounter. How to get correct note attachedQ: Invalidated note attached to appointment encounter. How to get correct note attached?Q: Is it possible to add additional providers to cc in the cc box beyond the options (e.g. current provider, referring provider 1, 2, 3, patient etc...) that are currently available?
Q: Is it possible to hide the List Header from a Note Output Template?Q: Is it possible to move careguides from a test environment to a production environmentQ: Is it possible to remove text template text from the accumulator?
Q: Is it possible to setup a pass-thru mapping with XML data in ConnectR? I have set this up, but no data is hitting the pass-thru target.Q: Is the Quicklist limited?Q: Is the intended behavior to make a nurse enter a password when creating a new rx or is it optional? We can turn the Preference off, but want to know what is recommended.
Q: Is there a way to add other icons to the top bar of the Clinical Desktop, such as New TaskQ: Is there a way to default a problem as "Acute" when adding it to the problem list, without editing it?Q: Is there a way to default a specific Clinical Desktop View for a user?
Q: Is there a way to prevent users from customizing their Clinical Desktop Views?Q: Our workflow for administering Meds in the office is not working, nurses are not able to administer until after the physician has authorized itQ: Print Picklists
Q: Set default performing location for in-house labsQ: Specialty Favorites, CareGuides and the OCDQ: The Application is not requiring I enter a password when I sign and finalize a note, why not?
Q: The Location field in the Order Details section of an internal referral order lists all sites from the Site dictionary in Org Setup. Is it possible to create a picklist to limit the number of sites available to select?Q: The PM system is sending "" in line2 for the address, which causes error when trying to file data to the address field of secondary systems. How can the double quotes be suppressed?Q: We are receiving results with a message of invalid due to a result time; Why are the specimen collected date/times on reports/result showing as incorrect in AE-EHR?
Q: We have just started configuring our system, and we are not seeing Careguides as available in the ACI. Were they delivered? Are they Turned on?Q: We just upgraded from V10 to V11 in Test, why am I not finding Noteforms?Q: What's the best way to search for a medication to add it to a flowsheet?
Q: What are all the settings that impact if a user is prompted to enter a password when prescribing medsQ: What are all the settings that impact if a user is prompted to enter a password when prescribing meds?Q: What are the blue HCC icons that appear when I am searching the master problem dictionary in the ACI?
Q: What are the differences between Item Modifiers and Additional Information Questions?Q: What impact does setting a default view have on my ability to see worklist items?
Q: What is a status of "waiting" indicative of?Q: What is the Gold Database and where do I get it?Q: What is the black and red icon (dollar sign with a line through it) next to the active problem I have just added?
Q: What is the correct way in v11.1.5 to document a patient has living parents and to document the number of siblings?Q: What is the difference between an application error and a non-application error
Q: What is the difference between the different HMP actions?Q: What is the file size limit in ConnectR for inbound messages?
Q: What is the max number of characters for Patient LocationQ: What is the max number of characters for Patient Location & Encouter Status in the schedule screen?
Q: What system content is included in a 3D pre-configured Test Environment?Q: When I click the Show/Hide Annotations Button (Asterisk button) in the results screen, why does the Results Flowsheet window appear?
Q: When and How to use Exploding SetsQ: When using Careguides, how is the preference "Patient Education" used and what is it's behavior?Q: Where do I find Control key sequences for triggering frequent actions via the keyboard?
Q: Where does the word "Prospective" get defined - It appears in the Immunizations detail area near "ordered by"Q: Where is the preference to turn off Send Charge Tasks?Q: Who will be loading the Specialty-specific Favorites into V11.1.1 - The Allscripts/Galen Upgrade Team or us?
Q: Why am I getting an SSMT error when I try to assign worklist views to users? The error says: Clinical Desktop View does not exisit.Q: Why are In-Office labs creating a new Result Encounter instead of dropping charges to the Appointment Encounter?Q: Why are document types missing from the document type dictionary even though end users can see the note templates attached to those document types?
Q: Why are messages successfully being sent from the inbound vendor system, but do not show in the source system and/or are not processing properly in the target?Q: Why are some items on a Physical Exam form underlined, while others are not?Q: Why are some medications bolded in the ACI?
Q: Why are some medications in italics?Q: Why are staff members not required to sign with Commit button?Q: Why are there two of the same symptoms (both published) showing up in the symptom dictionary?
Q: Why aren't the secondary outputs filtering appropriately?Q: Why aren't the vitals pulling to the note input or output?Q: Why can't some users (all of the same specialty) see certain notes in the note selector?
Q: Why do Worklist Views that were not selected in Work Def Admin display in the Clinical Desktop view?Q: Why do noteforms seem to disappear from the search list after they are copied and renamed?Q: Why do the worklist names have a -1 after them
Q: Why does a nurse have access to change both ordered by and managed by when sending a refill request to an MD other than the original prescriber? Which one is the appropriate one to change?Q: Why does the pass-thru system show as a waiting status?Q: Why doesn't "prompt user to route for further signature" work?
Q: Why doesn't copy forward work?Q: Why doesn't text align properly on output?
Q: Why doesn't the note show that it has been amended once a change has been made?Q: Why is every control on the page underlined only when form testing?
Q: Why is my peds height converting to feet and inches when I entered in in inches?Q: Will passwords change on Go-Live Monday?Q: Will tasks, such as results verification, appear on the Task list and on the Worklist
QChart and QAppt Not Available in Call ProcessingQRC: AssessmentQRC: Assessment-Implementation
QRC: Assessment-Implementation-TrainingQRC: MaintenanceQRC: Managed Services
QRC: Solution-ServicesQRC: Solution-Services-MaintentanceQRC: Training
QualityCharacter QualifierQualityIncentiveReportingQuality Reporting and Compliance (QRC)
Quarterly Publishing OptionsQuery Generation ShortcutQuestions & Answers from the Webcast
Questions and AnswersQuickListsQuicksets
RX CancelRX no longer existsRace
Race CarRadio Group Build in 11.2Radiology
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Recipient TypeRecommended ScannersReconcile Meds Issue
Reconcile v10 Outstanding Tasks with V11 Task/Worklist ItemsRecruitAssistRecycling IIS services
Red Hot SeriesReferral AssistReferral Follow-Up Controls
Referral Order OptimizationReferral TypeReferral to Another Provider
Regional Health Information Organization
Register for Galen Public WebcastsRelationship
Relationship dictionaryReligionRemote Patient Monitoring Reduces Readmissions
Remove ReasonRenaming the note output ONLY in Note Admin does not carry over to the user facing outputRendering/spacing incorrect when Medcin used in V11.4.1
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Reporting - Minimizing the RequisitionReporting - Modifying EHR ReportsReporting Database User Permissions
Reporting on PatientReporting on ResultsReports - Patient
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Result Verification Dialog BoxResult Verification Dialog Box OverviewResult flags grayed out
Resultable ConceptResultable Concept DictionaryResultable Item
Resultable Item Dictionary (RID)ResultsResults: AutoFiler
Results AdminResults Item Dictionary
Results SynchronizationResults Verification
Results Verification Enhancements 11.1.7Results Verification ProcessRetail pharmacy wont hold when entered from Rx entry screen
Retired ProblemsReview / Preview Items in Chart Viewer
Review Step by Step Protocols: Configuration/Workflow ChangesReview and Create or Modify Delivered NoteformsRhapsody Interface Development Engine
Rhapsody Management ConsoleRhapsody Service MonitorRhapsody Webcast Series: Interface Management and Administration
Rhapsody Webcast Series: Interface Management and Administration v2Rhapsody Webcast Series: Interfacing with Databases in RhapsodyRhapsody Webcast Series: Introduction to the Rhapsody Integration Engine
Rhapsody Webcast Series: Making the Switch from ConnectR to CIERhapsody Webcast Series: Rhapsody Webcast Series: Advanced ConceptsRhapsody Webcast Series: Web Services in Rhapsody
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Rotating Coverage TaskingRoute of AdministrationRouting List
Running a QueryRxRxNorm in MEDITECH 6.0
Rx Benefit PlanRx Coverage WorklistRx Expected Actions
Rx HubRx Med HistorySIG Suffix
SQL 2005 CompatibilitySQL BackupSQL Maintenance
SQL ProfilerSQL queriesSSMT
SSMT-CMT Webcast 10-3-2014SSMT- CMTSSMT: Additional Information
SSMT: AllergenSSMT: AnswerSSMT: Answer Class
SSMT: Appointment TypeSSMT: Billing AreaSSMT: Body Site
SSMT: CPT4 ModifierSSMT: CPT4 Modifier GroupsSSMT: Call Processing
SSMT: ChargeMap BillableProviderSSMT: Charge CodesSSMT: Charge Groups (ICD9)
SSMT: Charge Groups (Procedure)SSMT: Charge Groups (Visit)SSMT: Chart Alert
SSMT: Chart LocationSSMT: Chart View - SectionsSSMT: Chart View - Users
SSMT: Clinical Desktop Views - UsersSSMT: Discount TypeSSMT: Display Names
SSMT: DivisionSSMT: Document Security CodesSSMT: Document Type
SSMT: Encounter StatusSSMT: Encounter TypeSSMT: Ethnicity
SSMT: Financial Authority StatusSSMT: Flowsheet DefinitionsSSMT: Group-Specialty Mapping
SSMT: MenuSSMT: Note Text Templates
SSMT: OID - Additional Information QuestionsSSMT: OID - Order Defaults - Insurance/PatientLocation/SiteSSMT: OID - Order Defaults - Req Perf Location
SSMT: OID - Order Defaults - Req Perf Location / SiteSSMT: OID - Orderable Item DictionarySSMT: OID OCD Mapping
SSMT: OrderResults-V11SSMT: OrderResults-v11SSMT: Order Modifiers
SSMT: Order Performing Facility IdentifiersSSMT: Order QuestionsSSMT: Orderable Item Favorites
SSMT: Performing LocationSSMT: Pharmacy
SSMT: PicklistsSSMT: Print TemplatesSSMT: RID - Reference Range
SSMT: RID - Resultable Item DictionarySSMT: Remove ReasonSSMT: Results Where Performed Identifiers
SSMT: Site LocationSSMT: Specimen Source
SSMT: TW .NET PreferencesSSMT: Task View-SetupSSMT: Task View-Users
SSMT: TeamSSMT: User Security ClassificationsSSMT: Users / Providers
SSMT: Worklist Views - UsersSSMT 101: How to load and and extract using SSMT
SSMT Error MessagesSSMT and CMTSSM Integrated Health Technologies Clinical Data Migration: Functional & Technical Considerations
Sample Issue Submission FormScan Decisions
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