Q: When using Careguides, how is the preference "Patient Education" used and what is it's behavior?

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The Print Patient Education preference is used to determine if you want to print patient education materials every time it is available, or only if you have associated it with a careguide. See below.

Preference Group: General

Preference: Print Patient Education Always

The Values are “Always”, "Never", and “Only if CareGuide Associated". This can be set at the Enterprise or Organization level This can be personalized. When set to always, then Patient Education materials will always be printed for an encounter whether through ad hoc or a CareGuide. When set to “CareGuide only” then Patient Education materials will only print when a CareGuide is associated with the encounter from within the clinical desktop.

Recommended Setting: Always

Fore detailed information on all V11 preferences please visit V11 Preference List and descriptions


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