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The Resultable Item Dictionary (RID) is used to define the resultable items that are used for entering the result data of a resultable orderable item, such as laboratory diagnostic test or an imaging diagnostic procedure. An orderable item becomes resultable when it has entries from the RID linked to that item in the Orderable Item Dictionary (OID).

Resultable orderable items are categorized under Non-Medication in the OID Item Dictionary. Typically, resultable items are of the Laboratory, Dx Imaging, Other Diagnostic Testing, and Clinical Findings order types. Because these types of orderable items are resultable, the Order Details page for ordering or recording a resultable orderable item contains two tabs: Order Entry for the entering and editing the order data for the item and Results for entering and editing the results of the order.

The organization's Orderable Items are listed in the Orderable Item Dictionary (OID)

Orderable Items include:

  • Laboratory/Diagnostic (Lab/Diag)
  • Radiology (Imaging)
  • Follow Up/Referrals (FU/Ref)
  • Instructions (Instructions)
  • Immunizations (Immun)
  • Supplies (Supplies)
  • Prescriptions (Rx)
  • Medication Administration (Med Admin)

Some of the orderable items require results (sometimes referred to as Analytes)

The organization's Resultable Items are listed in the Resultable Item Dictionary (RID)

Resultable Items include:

  • Laboratory/Diagnostic (Lab/Diag)
  • Radiology (Imaging)

Resultable items can be manually added and updated in the RID, as well as by an upload from SSMT.

Access RID

1. Login to TWAdmin

2. Select Dictionaries from VTB.

3. Select Resultable Item from the Dictionaries Dropdown menu.

WB RID 1.png

OID RID Linking

OID RID Linking

Concept Dictionaries

Orderable Concept Dictionary (OCD)

Each Orderable Item in the Orderable Item Dictionary (OID) must be linked to a Concept in the Orderable Concept Dictionary (OCD). The Orderable Items in the OID are loaded by the organization and use the name their staff and/or lab vendor is familiar with. The Concepts in the OCD are part of Touchworks and are not specific to the organization or their vendors. These Orderable Concepts come pre-linked to Quicksets and Careguides available with Touchworks. Mapping OID items to OCD items allows Touchworks customers to order using the names they are familiar with, even when using deliverd content such as Quicksets and Careguides.

Resultable Concept Dictionary (RCD)

Viewing Results in the User Interface

  • ChartViewer
  • Worklist
  • Health Management Plan
  • Flowsheets

Alternate to Building Individual Follow Up Orders

Create a picklist under Clinical Questions to indicate the frequency:

Follow Up Order.jpg

to Build Workbook (BW)