Reporting on Results

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Webcast Overview

Galen continues its series on reporting from the Allscripts Enterprise EHR database with a focus on the Results. This webcast will take clients through the database to report on orders tied to patients and the tables in the application build for Results.


Delivered 9/19/2012: Download slideshow

Delivered 6/11/2014: Download slides


Will you be offering a similar seminar for orders?

Answer: Yes, Galen will continue to have reporting webcasts on various clinical topics.

Are the vitals results in the Result tables?

Answer: No, vitals are not stored in the results tables. They can be found in the Finding tables.

What do QO stand for?

Answer: QO stands for Questions and Orders

Why do queries require so many tables?

Answer: The Works database is a relational database utilizing many normalization standards. Database normalization is the process of splitting large tables into smaller tables for ease of updates, among other reasons. Updating a single small table is much simpler when a defined relationship exists, especially when records in the larger tables can get into the millions. Additional information can be found on wikipedia.