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In this webcast we will explore and discuss Galen's QI Reporting Solution and QI Programs in general.

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Presented June 10, 2015

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Q. Can we use this solution to submit to CMS?

A. CMS uses GPRO, registries and other means to collect data. While our solution is able to export the data to a format of your choosing, CMS does not typically accept human readable reports for Quality Incentive Reporting. That being said, this solution can be used to feed registries and other reporting mechanisms.

Q. Can your solution combine data from inpatient and ambulatory systems?

A. Yes! Absolutely, the system is designed to be flexible enough to accept data from a variety of sources, including ambulatory, inpatient, practice management and more!

Q. Can we use this solution to create dashboards for providers?

A. Yes, this system can be used as a source for a variety of reporting and dashboard projects. Depending on your EHR, it might even be possible to embed dashboards right into the workflow, allowing for pertinent information to be displayed in one place.

Q. Is this intended to be an on-site or cloud solution?

A. This is an on-site solution.