Q: Does a flowsheet have to be "orderable" in order to result an item within it?

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No. The flowsheet should be set up under the OID as "recorded only" and not "orderable". This will allow the user the ability to result items within it without the flowsheet showing up when the end users search for orders. Also, when entering data under this specific set up, the user will ONLY have the option to "enter result" in a blank row of the flowsheet. The "enter result" option will be grayed out if there is already data in that particular row. This has been tested in V11.1.6 and V11.1.7.

Does the Flowsheet orderable have to be under a certain OID category?

Answer: Not from what has been tested in V11.1.7. However, building the flowsheet under Clinical Findings will likely turn out to be less clicks for the end user.

Building Under Clinical Findings vs Other Diagnostic Testing (V11.1.7)

  • When building the flowsheet under Clinical Findings, the Result Details section of will be collapsed and the end user will not have to do any extra clicks before entering data.

  • When building the flowsheet under Other Diagnostic Testing, the Result Details section will be expanded and the end user must click the "now" button to enter data and MAY have to enter a performing location if not defaulted.

Additional Tips and Tricks for V11.1.7

When the flowsheet is built within the Orderable Item Dictionary under "Clinical Findings" or "Other Diagnostic Testing", if any of the resultables attached to the Flowsheet have previously been resulted, right clicking and selecting "enter result" in a row that previously resulted row will cause the following message:

"The system is unable to complete the request because the item is not configured to be orderable by the user.  You will need  
to order a suitable replacement"

To get around this message, either right click and select "edit", change the data and then commit.


Right click in a blank row to enter data in any other blank row (rows that have not previously been resulted). The existing data from other rows will NOT appear, so if a change is made to the previously entered data at this time, it will create an additional column for the revised data with a new time but same date.

  • Note: The capability also exists to cite in unsolicited, interfaced results into flowsheets as well. For details on how to do so, reference Flowsheet Q and A.


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