SQL Backup

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This page will describe the steps necessary to perform a manual SQL backup. Backups should be created before making any major changes to a database to ensure you can restore them if necessary:

Creating a backup with SQL 2005

  1. Log onto the server that you need to create the backup on
  2. Go to Start/Programs/Microsoft SQL Server 2005/SQL Server Management Studio
  3. The first prompt will ask you to which server to connect to. Supply the proper information and hit <Connect>Server Connection.jpg
  4. Expand Databases
  5. Right-click the database you wish to backup
  6. Select Tasks/Backup
    Bacukup selection.jpg
  7. The following page will appear:
  8. If anything appears in the Destination section as shown above, highlight the entry and hit remove.
  9. When everything has been removed, select the <Add> button.
  10. The following prompt will appear:
  11. Select the elipses and browse to your preferred path and provide a detailed filename. Ensure that you have enough disk space free to hold the backup.
  12. Press <OK> until you get back to this screen:
  13. When everything is ready to be backed up, press <OK>
  14. While the backup is executing you will see the progress in the bottom left hand corner as shown here:
  15. When it is finished the following screen will appear:
  16. Press <OK>
  17. If done with SQL close out of the program, you're finished.