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Quicksets in v10 of TouchWorks offer a problem driven solution for placing orders and writing prescriptions. The Quicksets workspace will allow you to take advantage of previous situations where you have linked either your prescriptions or orders to a patient’s problem. This takes the Problem Based feature of the Rx and Orders module one step further by compiling these historical relationships into one workspace. An obvious pre-requisite for effective use of Quicksets is diligent and accurate problem management.


Active Problem: Diabetes Mellitus

Problem Based Rx is created: Humalog

Problem Based Order is created: Glucose, Fasting

Now when Diabetes Mellitus is selected in the Quicksets workspace in the Problems pane you will see Humalog and Glucose, Fasting as potential options. This makes the provider’s workflow a bit more efficient by potentially eliminating the need for the provider to navigate to two different workspaces to complete the visit.