SSMT: Task View-Users

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This category is used to assign task views to users via the SSMT tool. Below are the descriptions of each column based on 11.1.1

Stored Procedures used:

  • Extracting data: IMPGetUserTaskViews
  • Loading data: IMPSetUserTaskViews

Column Listing and Descriptions:

  • *HDRAUsername - The task view will appear in this user's dropdown
    Limitations:  Must be an existing username
  • Name - Task View Name. This is the unique identifier for the task view.
    Limitations:  Must be an existing task name
  • Task Owner - (?)
    Limitations:  Must match the UN that created the Task if other than IDX Admin 
  • Subsystem - CF
  • Subset - WF
  • Section - TaskList
  • OrganizationID - (?)
  • IsDefault - Sets view as default view for the user
    Limitations:  Must be Y or N. Only one row per user can be Y
  • Create (Y N) - adds the row to the existing table
    Limitations:  'N' or 'Y'. Set to Y only for the rows that are added. Do not change extracted rows from Y to N (?)