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Webcast details

Originally aired: Friday, February 3, 2012

Presenter: Christy Erickson


Q: Can you use CMT to move the Document types, noteforms, and note template all at once for 1 note template that was built or do you have to do it separately?

A: CMT will only move the note template and any associated noteforms with that note template and can be done all at once. The Document type must be moved first prior to loading the Note template with SSMT- Content Category-Document Type.

Q: We have moved note templates with noteforms and found some of the noteforms aren't moving? Any recommendations?

A: First, check the noteform in test to ensure it looks correct and works properly without any missing components. You can also check under CMT to review for missing broken note chains. Next, select the Note template and remove the noteform that didn't move out of the template and save it then add it back in and save it again. Re-try using CMT to move the noteform. There were previous issues with noteforms moving as well and make sure you have the latest version of SSMT/CMT.

Q: What is the latest version of CMT?

A: Version 2.2. hot fix 1. This information is also located in Supportforce under Product Documentation.

Q: Is there any order with Clinical Questions, how do you get them to move and attach to an order?

A: First step is making sure you have set up the Additional questions you may need for a specific orderable item. For example, if you have a CT Scan with contrast and you need to add a clinical question "Do you have allergies to IV contrast dye?". The clinical question is built in the Additional Information Dictionary. To tie the Clinical Question to an orderable item- select the Content Category of OID-Additional Information Questions. Column H (Sequence) is where you can put those questions in order to how they appear. A couple of things that can impact this is if you tied those questions to a Parent Class of CT Scan (in this example) to be placed on all type of CT Scans or if you tied it to a specific orderable item such as CT scan of the Abdomen. In order to build that OID- Additional Information question spreadsheet you will use the Additional Information extract and the Orderable Item extract to build it out.

Q: When I move the Order and Result the picklist doesn't move with them.

A: The actual question wasn't able to be clarified during the webcast as what picklist specifically and the content category being moved. If it is the Communication Picklist in the OID spreadsheet and it was a new Communication Method set up. The first step is to ensure that is loaded prior to moving the OID item. This can be reviewed by pulling a Picklist extraction in the environment you are moving to and ensuring the information is listed prior to trying to move the OID item.

Q: What is the best way to move noteforms over via CMT or the installer? Which is faster?

A: If you are desiring the most recent noteform release and you originally used the installer to get those noteform into test (documentation on quaterly noteform releases are published on Supportforce under Product Documentation>Clinical Content) the fastest way is to use the installer for moving those same noteforms into Production. However, if you made changes to the noteforms you would have to use CMT as the installer will only download the noteforms from the Allscripts FTP site and doesn't move edited content from Test to Live.