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The Stimulus Reporting Tool is offered by Allscripts as a way to generate, view, and report data that is necessary to qualify for stimulus incentives. This is done through the Stimulus Reporting Portal (SRP), which requires no additional login info if given access to Stimulus Reporting within the VTB. Users will be able to access the SRP directly from the TWEHR. The Stimulus Reporting tool integrates data collected from the EHR; therefore, you will not need to run any special reports, gather data, or create a manual process to produce reports. The reports produced will demonstrate that the eligible providers (EPs) from your organization are using a certified EHR with meaningful use, hence meeting Meaningful Use criteria.

Two stimulus reporting tools you will need to add as VTB menus:

  (1) Stimulus Reporting Tool: Should be added to the providers' VTBs that are conducting the reporting (this will vary between 
      clients and security should be discussed within their organization as to who gets the reporting tool).  This gives providers 
      the ability to run and view their own Stimulus Reports.
  (2) Stimulus Admin Reporting Tool: Added to the menu of those who will check the reporting of EPs
     (they are able to check the reports of all EPs within the organization). Admin reporters are
      sometimes referred to as "Directors".

Features of the Stimulus Reporting Portal:

  (1) Role-based security that allows only select staff members to access the portal 
  (2) Access to the message center.  The message center is an inbox within the portal that notifies
      users of important notifications (i.e. when a new report is available to run)
  (3) Allows users to systematically generate, view, and schedule reports.

Reading a Stimulus Report

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