Allscripts HUB (aka Cloud)

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The Allscripts HUB, also known as the Cloud, is the enormous data repository that communicates to every Stimulus Set client's Event Bus Servers. Each night (or on a regular schedule), an ETL (Extract Transform Load) process pulls data from the organization's Works database, through the Event Bus Server and up to the Hub.

Data Warehouse

The raw data is housed in the Data Warehouse, partitioned by the Client's Account ID and other defining data elements.

Data Mart

The Data Warehouse communicates a more focused set of data to the Data Mart. When Stimulus Reports are requested, the Data Mart is the source of this data. Most filters are applied between the Data Warehouse and the Data Mart, like the Appointment Type Exclusion. The data in the Data Mart is updated daily, after the Data Warehouse has completed its ETL with the Event Bus Server.