Appointment Type Exclusion

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Some Appointment Types do not result in an encounter with the billing provider. As it's delivered, the Stimulus Set reports on ALL Appointment Types whether or not the Billing/Eligible Professional actually sees the patient. SRP 1.7 (released 11/16/11) offers functionality to exlude such Appointment Types.

What is the impact?

If a Provider has been diligent about providing Clinical Summaries the his/her patient, but see that they are not meeting the MU objective quota, they likely have not had the non-Provider appointment types excluded from reporting. The following Appointment Types are usually billable but typically do not engage a provider and the MU workflows:

  • Nurse Visit
  • Coumadin Visit
  • Meeting
  • Flu shot

How do the Appointment Types get excluded?

Since Appointment Types are very specific to each organization, it is necessay for the organization to review each Appointment Type and flag all of them that should not be included in the report. It is critical that the exclusions are consistent across all Appointment Types. The list of Appointment Types, with the excluded Types flagged, can be returned to the Implementation Consultant to be submitted and applied to the reports. In order to refilter the data, the Data Mart (where reports are pulled from) must be wiped out and the ETL refreshed from the Data Warehouse.