Allscripts PM Basics

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This webcast will take a look at the Allscripts Practice Management application. We will look at all the Modules, where to find them and a brief discussion regarding Navigating the actual PM application from a user perspective.


Media:Allscripts PM Basics.pdf Presented July 25, 2014


  • Where do you enter MU and HIPPA required information? This information is entered under the Patient Management function group area. Navigate to the Registration folder and the Additional Information tab in the working window.
  • Can custom reports be created or do you have to use the report options that are delivered? Custom reports can be created. However, the issue with custom reports is having a way to publish them for the end user to have access to them. There has to be a mechanism for them to run the report, either via a SQL query or Crystal Report if you have someone that is knowledgeable of Crystal Reporting. Or if it is a simple report that can be created as a word document to use in Document Management (under the Patient Management function area > Documents Folder). This is done by creating a new document under the System Administration function group area, File Maintenance Folder, DOM (Document Maintenance). You will select New and designate the data type that you are wanting to pull into the report. It really depends on what data you are trying to get from the system as to which method of custom built reports you will need and also who is going to be running and reviewing the data. Galen can assist in creating custom reports or provide your staff with training on how to create and run them yourselves.
  • The function box on left hand side of under Scheduling named Referrals, is this connected to the EHR for EReferrals functionality for meeting Core Measure 15? The referrals in the PM application are more insurance based, for financial authorizations and can work with some platforms that are insurance based and insurance companies. The functionality of the referral in the EHR is based around patient care and MU requirements involving Core Measure 15 and the ACDM function within the EHR. So they serve two separate functions.
  • Can a new document be added to your system? This goes back to the above question related to custom reports. New documents can consist of reports, letters, collection documents, forms, etc. These are all maintained through the Document Management (DOM) menu in File Maintenance. You created it as a word document and select the data type of the document you created. For example for a collection letter you would select the Collection Data type which will pull in pertinent fields available related to the collections module. You can also create you new patient documents here so you are not copying those ugly copies, you can print out new patient information that is legible. You can also modify existing documents by selecting the Edit Exisiting option on the screen.