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Join us to explore the configuration for Allscripts Document Management including considerations for chart structures, rights, security, naming conventions. Learn key strategy points for conversions as well as paper to electronic capture decision factors.

Originally aired: Friday, May 9, 2014 Presenter: Becky Matias

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Media:ADM_and You_05_09_2014.pdf Presented 5/9/2014


Q. Is the time and effort worth it to create barcodes be used with ADM?

A. This is an area of document management that can save a tremendous amount of staff time. This can be a great option for front desk paper work or anytime there is a group of multiple pages that will be filed as one document type. As a matter of fact it can be used as part of the Prescriptive workflow strategy. The font to create barcodes is font 39. It can be googled/downloaded. You would have to have an application that could generate the barcoded papers. Of note this can be done with TW PM. So for example the front desk prints out all of the new patient paperwork with consent to treat, demographic/insurance pages, assignment of benefits etc. A barcode is generated on the first piece of paper in the packet. A whole group of barcode documents can be scanned as one batch at the end of the day. The scanner picks up the barcodes and will prompt with a command of process barcodes? The staff member selects yes and the papers will file to the patient chart. I worked at a surgical practice and the surgical packets took at least 40 hours of staff time per week to scan.. The medical records department would generate a piece of paper with a barcode on it for each packet. This process in the end only took about two hours per week to complete. That’s right from 40-2!

As a side note this question also reminds me of an issue that is kind of common and can cause some issues for staff. The scanner will try to pick up any bar code not just ones that were created by your organization. For example one that I used to see a lot was ekgs from the hospital had a barcode. The scanner would try to pick it up and an error of barcode not recognized would be created. During the staging process the Medical Records staff should look for barcoded documents and black out the lines or place a small label over the barcode.

Additionally it is critical to scanning success and accuracy to properly stage the documents that goes even beyond barcodes. So the scanner picks up the barcode and files all papers into one chart until it picks up the next barcode. So if you papers are out of order they will end up in the wrong chart.

Q. Can you speak to the benefits of Remote Scan(Citrix) scanning in ADM?

A. Remote Scanning through Citrix has several benefits. Having on site staff members can items can get documents into the patient charts in more of a real time workflow. For example if scanning happens on location is is releatively easy to adopt a plan to have all paper be scanned rather than sent to the provider in a folder. This type of workflow allows for a more linear workflow and is easier to train and maintain during staff changes. n terms of maitenance for the technical team citrix is certainly easier than a fat client. When using centralized scanning via fat client each PC must have the ADM installed on the unit, and it would not receive the push updates that happen when using citrix.

Q. Can Becky list quickly the steps to add a new chart folder on the EEHR side and then in Scan...

A. 1. From TWAdmin>Dictionaries>Document Type and Add document type with manifestation of .TIF 2. From TWAdmin>Chart Admin>Manage Chart Sections 3. Highlight the Section on the left, then find the document name, check it, then select Assign in the middle of the screen. DON'T FORGET TO SAVE. 4. Open ADM>Configure>System Setup>Chart Setup 5. On the right decide whether this will be a new folder or subfolder and highlight the apprpriate heirachy, then Add. Name the new folder and attach the correct document type. Remember to choose the one that is the .TIF manifestation as all document types are will be showing. DON'T FOGRET TO SAVE. 6. Make sure that to examine chart rights to place a check on this new folder or it will not show within TW.

Q. What happens if a document is scanned to the wrong patient chart?

A. There are a couple of ways to handle this. Of course from ADM staff members can be given rights to cut and paste from one chart to another. A word of caution here if a document is cut and not pasted it will be lost. I am not a big fan in terms of quality control process of cutting, pasting, and deleting. There is functionality within the TW environment which allows a scanned item to be sent with a Request Correction Task. A task view for Administrative Staff can be built to handle these tasks. The documentation is all within TW on the patient chart for audit purposes. This is something that happens all the time as well. The scanning staff just queued a document to the wrong chart. They can also be given the ability to move a document back to the batch basket. This keeps the document intact within ADM and it can simply be refiled to the correct chart.