Allscripts CIE - Error Resolution with the Reconciler

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Webcast Overview

Join us to for an overview of what interface error resolution will look like and how it works once you make the switch to the Allscripts Common Interface Engine.


Q. You are using an XML example. Will we cotinue to use HL7 v2.x messages if that is our current set up.?
A. Your interfaces will continue to use the message format they use today. If they are HL7 v2.3 today they will continue with that structure when migrated. However in order to file data into or pull data out of the Works database you will be using an XML format that will be translated into or from HL7.

Q. Also is there any plan by Allscripts to migrate AIE to CIE? If so will it use a single instance of Rhapsody or will we have an instance for each application?
A. It is our understanding that CIE will eventually be the interface engine used across all Allscripts products.

Q. Finally, it we already have Rhapsody, could we just use that instance? (Version 5.5)
A. Yes, if you already have Rhapsody you could use that instance. Currently only version 4.1 is supported with Allscripts, but newer version will later be supported.

Q. Can we limit which interfaces users are allow to work in the error queue?
A. No, unfortunately the security in the application does not allow that level of granularity yet.

Q. What happens if some of our interfaces share the same InterfaceSourceID?
A. You will need to add logic in the Reconciler route to set one of the interfaces to a different InterfaceSourceID to allow you to segregate those interfaces in the error queue.

Q. Is this something that would already be configured? Or do we have to configure it?
A. The interfaces from ConnectR will have to be configured in Rhapsody. There isn't a current method to simply copy the interfaces from ConnectR to Rhapsody.


Delivered 09/10/2014: