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Webcast Overview

Let Galen's expert EHR Consultants help you with: Advanced Note Build including the basic building blocks that make up a note template and advanced note form editing tools and properties.


Q: Can you group/link multiple headings together?

A: By definition, each heading will be separate from the next in terms of properties, etc. Depending on what you are trying to do, you may be able to get around this in terms of the render text order for headings by making them fall one after another sequentially from within the tab order. This, however, is a rough workaround. There may be alternatives depending on what you are trying to do, but I would have to see the example to say for certain.

Q: Can you have info 'wrap text' in one text field?

A: Unfortunately, no. The Positive/Negative Text filled out for one finding cannot be wrapped. Additionally, the display name will not wrap when displaying on the actual form itself. If you have a long heading name, consider ways to break that out into multiple headers or reduce the name by abbreviating words or breaking it out into multiple headers.

Q: Can you have multiple paragraphs in one text field?

A: No.

Q: Have you ever used the Paragraph setting? What does it actually do?

A: Yes. The "Force New Paragraph" setting will cause the Postive/Negative Text defined within your findings(s) to appear on a new line. It will not create a new paragraph in the traditional sense of placing a blank line between the last paragraph, rather you can think of it as forcing the rendered text to appear on a new line versus appearing after the end of the last sentence on the same line if this setting is unchecked.

Q: A lot of Medcins have ~T in the rendering what is the ~T supposed to do?

A: A lot of times you may see ~T or ~L placeholders appear in the Positive/Negative Text of medcin-based findings within note forms. I do not believe these have any real properties that can be controlled within note forms, nor have I ever found any official documentation that explains what they are intended to do. I will continue to research and post more information here should I come across anything.

Q: How can you use the property table to reorder with text boxes?

A: The Form Bulk Properties tool within the Note Form Build workspace can be used to change things such as Group Name, Display Name, Positive Text, Negative Text and Tab Order on many elements at once. This applies to all headings and Medcin/Text controls within the noteform. Text Entry (blank boxes) that are built will not show in this area, however, and their settings need to be controlled or changed individually. Not all settings/properties do appear in this area either, so it can't be used as a across-the-board solution for managing properties of all elements within a note form.

Q: How do import your images from your computer? What if your picture doesnt show up?

A: Please visit this page for step-by-step instructions on this process: Adding an Image to a Note. If your image does not show up, check the file size to make sure it does not exceed the size limit. If it still doesn't work, there is a possibility that your network has a restriction on uploading that you may want to confirm. You may also want to open a case with Allscripts if any of the above precursors do not fix the problem.

Q: Is there a way to re-view this presentation or view prior Galen Webcasts?

A: The actual recording of the presentation is not publically available; however, at the bottom of this page you will find a link to the actual slides used to accompany the presentation. Additionally, a separate wiki page has been created which covers most of the topics in this presentation here: Advanced Note Form Build.

Q: When 'All Normal' is chosen from within the form, will the check boxes appear so the provider can see which are included? For example, if the doc is completing a note form during documentation and chooses "All Normal', will the checkmarks appear?

A: Yes. When the All Normal checkbox is checked, the boxes/findings that are definined to participate in All Normal rendering will show as checked once the All Normal box is checked.

Q: Is there a good alternative to Hidden Headers for inserting blank lines?

A: Other than trying to separating information out into different note sections, no. If it is separated out into different sections and associated forms within those sections, there is a visual break/blank area present between each note section when viewing the final note from the output.

Q: Is there any way to automatically populate the tab order?

A: No. The best way to go about this is to attempt to build your form in the exact order you want it to eventually render. Building it this way will automatically assign the next sequential number in tab order to each successive element within the note form. This can be very difficult to do and sometimes is not possible if you are working with elements from a copied form; however, this is really the only way to accomplish what you are asking for.

Q: How does the CC provider task work in the properties of the note?

A: This is a sometimes complicated process and is controlled in two places. First, the Auto Print Defaults need to be set up properly to print/fax carbon copies. Secondly, the note template output properties (within the Carbon Copy area) can to be defaulted to Show the PCP or referring providers as options to select as carbon copy recipients. Also, checking the Default box within this area for any providers will default to send them a carbon copy when the note is final signed. Carbon copy recipients can also be added on a case-by-case basis by clicking the "Manual" tab from the CC window within the application and manually searching for a Provider or Referring Provider.

Q: Can we make custom inserts? - inserts being something like ~fn ln~ to pull in the patient name.

A: No. Here is a link to a wiki page that shows a list available placeholders/merge fields that can be used within note forms: Advanced Note Form Build.

Q: Can Hot Spots be added into any noteform?

A: Yes, in most cases. One exception to this would be an Assessment form which contains only diagnosis codes.

Q: Can hotspots be edited in delivered noteforms?

A: Yes, but be sure to make a copy of the form first so that any changes you make do not get overriden in successive note form releases from Allscripts!

Q: How can we revert back to an old version of a form?

A: This is a tricky one. First of all, it is important to have your forms documented in their current and previous states (in excel spreadsheets or otherwise) with a good change management process defined to help prevent the loss of information in these cases. If they are well documented, the form can be reverted back to a previous state by referencing the documentation of that form in its previous state. Another option is to make a copy of the form each time you are going to make changes and document the date of that form somewhere in the name of even the description, then inactivate the previous version of the form so it is not available to be selected but can be reactivated should you need to revert back to it for any reason.

Q: Why does the tab order reset to zero sometimes near the end of a form? How can we prevent this?

A: Make sure your tab order does not skip a number sequentially anywhere within the form. The number of elements in the form will equal the same number of available tab order numbers in sequence. If it resets back to zero, you know you have missed a number or numbers in sequence somewhere else in the form.


View/download powerpoint slides here Presented 6/22/2012

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