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Presented on Friday, August 31, 2012

Hosts: Tracy Kimble & Cecil Hunter

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Q: Can you create Keywords in other tabs - eg Active, PMH, PSH, etc.?

A: Yes, Keywords can be created for any tab of the ACI.

Q: How do you turn on the Medication Adherence Indicators?

A: The setup documentation can be found on SupportForce under the Product Documentation tab > Enterprise EHR > Version 11.2.

Q: Have you had any feedback on the group coverage? We are going to start using this functionality and our physicians say it is to cumbersome to click around and add different providers.

A: In our experience, the providers are not using the Group Coverage view on a daily basis, which reduces the frequency that they will need to change the filters.

Q: Since our upgrade to 11.2.3, the copy forward functionality does not work. When you select what you want to copy forward, it does not populate in the note accumulator, but it does show up in the view when you preview your note. This can't be edited- advice?

A: If the current note does not include the same noteforms as the previous note, you will may see the data in the NAW. Add the same noteform to the current note, and the data that was copied forward should be available and editable in the NAW.