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For the basic version of this presentation, see Allscripts EEHR Servers - Message.


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Q & A

Q: Can you please explain the function of the CED request? And what the process is going through the print queue.

A: Implementation of the community CCD/CED auto-submission feature brings upon the need for a set of dedicated servers to handle the workload of the CCD/CED generation and transmission tasks. The auto-submit dbMotion configuration creates a CCD/CED for every patient visit or patient health record change, resulting in high system processing demands placed upon these servers. Separating this CCD/CED processing function out to a dedicated set of servers eliminates the performance impact of these tasks from affecting standard EHR web server performance. This set of servers is only necessary in the auto-submission configuration and is not necessary in an on-demand CCD/CED implementation.

Q: Any way to view the content of the Delta Export (i.e., what's being sent to Allscripts)?

A: The actual content of the Export report I do not believe is available to clients. The general data being sent to Allscripts is described in the document entitled "Enterprise Delta Process Overview." This document is available in the Allscripts Knowledge Base. Allscripts does provide a report on utilization monthly and is typically sent out to clients by the account/relationship manager. If you are not receiving this report, please follow up with them.

Q: Server 2008 R2 - Should Render print jobs on client computers in printer sharing be checked or not? and why?

A: I have not seen a recommendation on this setting before, and I cannot find any reference of this in any Allscripts documentation.

Q: On average how many printers should be on each server?

A: This is no official limit on this. I have seen Allscripts state that you can experience performance problems, especially in managing the printers in TWAdmin in the UI, if more than 300 printers are installed to a given server. Personally, I have seen performance problems at around 200 printers. There is a workaround for managing the printers in TWAdmin with a large number of printers.

Q: Do you have a guide for setup of RightFax?

A: No. The integration of RightFax with the EHR is completely handled via the AHS CSS Spooler Configuration control panel applet. Once you install the RightFax client software on the server, the RightFax tab on the Spooler Configuration applet will become editable. Once that is set up, RightFax is integrated--from the EHR perspective. From the RightFax perspective, Galen recommends you work with a consulting company that specializes in RightFax configuration.

Q: Have you seen any printer issue with 2008 R2 (64 bit) compared to 2003 32 bit?

A: I have seen printer issues with both 2008 (and R2) and 2003. We do frequently see issues when first migrating print servers from 2003 to 2008, yes. These issues typically stem from not doing adequate testing of the installed printers, however. It usually comes down to not synching trays or having improper drivers. There are also various Allscripts defects surrounding printing, especially in 11.2.x that contribute to problems with printing.

Q: Does 11.4 allow tray printing for setups with mutiple orgs? 11.2.2 can not see trays with the utility if an org is assigned to the print server.

A: There are several defects in 11.2.x related to tying printers to orgs. This can be done in two spots, either at the server level or at the printer level. The current workaround for your problem is to disassociate the printer from the org temporarily, sync the trays, and then reassociate the print with the org. This defect can be tracked by its issue case number, which is 03391824. This defect has not yet been corrected.

Q: What process is used to test for a printer's presence before the job is sent? My error is Printer Not Installed. It only happens from time to time.

A: The Printer Not Installed error can have several different causes. Check to ensure that the printer in question is installed on every print server. Check to ensure the driver, printer share name, and IP also match across your servers. I have also seen one case where a registry entry was causing this message. If you are still unable to fix this error, feel free to reach out to me at

Q: Where is the best place to start looking when you have print jobs show up in the wrong location but history shows correctly. Also, print queue is showing user but it is the wrong user. Document history actually shows correctly.

A: I have never experienced the print queue showing the wrong user, so I would have to really investigate that on your server. If your print jobs are printing from the incorrect printer, make sure the IP of the printer in question is correct. That is the first place I would look, but this can be a complex problem, so feel free to reach out to me at if you need more assistance with this.

Q: How do we turn off/inactivate the Delta on an inactive server?

A: If you stop and disable the Delta service on the server, you can then delete the Delta files from the server. This will ensure Delta cannot be turned back on accidentally.

Comments from webcast

  • We at Resurgens implemented RightFax to be our entire faxing solution including SureScripts. I can be contacted for reference. Treves Wynn (
  • Enabling Technologies is who we used [to implement RightFax] and they are great as well