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Order(able) item questions, additional information questions, "AOEs", clinical questions and order entry questions are all terms used by clients and consultants to refer to entries in the Additional Information dictionary. These questions are used in orders to elaborate and give more specific details for the order. Additional information questions can range from asking the source for a fluid cytology, to asking the manufacturer and model # of a device like a pacemaker for a device check, or to asking the reason for a referral/follow up when a physician orders a follow up or referral for a patient. Below you can see an example of an order with multiple additional information questions. Some of these questions have picklists associated with them while others have a free text box associated with them.

The Additional Information dictionary can be extracted and maintained via SSMT. It is important to note that the answers included in any picklist for these additional information questions are found in a separate dictionary called the Answer dictionary.

Additional info example.jpg

Additional Information Question Configuration

To properly build additional information questions, it is imperative to understand all the parts that make up the questions, and how they work. It is easiest to work backwards when building these questions.

  • First, build the answers to the questions in the Answer dictionary.
  • Second, build the picklist (if needed) with the answers.
  • Third, build the additional info question in the Additional Information dictionary.
  • Fourth, add the picklist to the question (if appropriate).
  • Fifth, add the additional information question to the order. This can be done within the application as described below, or using SSMT: OID - Additional Information Questions.

Building the Answer Dictionary

To add entries to the Answer dictionary:

  • Login as TWAdmin.
  • Go to "Dictionaries" in the vertical tool bar.
  • Find the dictionary named Answer.

On the left, you will see answer groupings. I suggest creating a unique grouping to contain the answers for each question. Name them something unique and according to your clients naming convention, so you can easily identify them when building your picklist. To add a unique grouping:

  • Click "Answer" at the top of the left column in the dictionary.
  • Click Add.
  • Name your grouping.

To add answers to the grouping:

  • Select the grouping.
  • Click Add.
  • Add your answer. The code and mnemonic can be whatever you choose. The name should be exactly how you want the answer to appear in the order on the front end.
  • Click Save.

Answer Dictionary.jpg

To create a picklist containing the answers:

  • Click Picklist at the bottom of the answer dictionary.

Picklist Banner.jpg

  • Click Add Picklist, and name the picklist something unique to the question being answered.
  • Click add entries.

Answer Picklist.jpg

  • Find your answers on the left, and click add. Note that the "toggle search" button can be used to search for entries instead of scrolling. Once done, ok, then click close.

Add entries to picklist.jpg

Building the Additional Information Question

  • Login as TWAdmin.
  • Go to "Dictionaries" in the vertical tool bar.
  • Find the dictionary named Additional Information.
  • Click Add.
  • Name your question with a code, mnemonic, and name according to your client's naming convention.

Addtl info dictionary.jpg

  • Under Detail 1:
    • The display name: exactly how the question will display in the order.
    • The answer data type: the type of answer you want tied to the question. This can be date/time, numeric values, a picklist or a free text box. Each answer type has its own special charateristics that need to be appropriately selected also.
    • Default value: the answer you want the question to automatically default to, if you want it to have a default answer.

Addtl info detail 1.jpg

  • Under Detail 2:
    • The answer will default section: where you set the behavior for how the default answer to the question behaves, if applicable.
    • This question is: where you can set if the question is required before saving the order, or if it goes into a "needs info" or "on hold" status if the question isnt answered when ordered.
    • Exclude question if patient sex is: where you can set if the question applies only to a certain gender.
    • Appear in note text for order: if this box is checked, the question and answer will display with the order in the plan section of the note.
    • Minimum and maximimum applicable age: where you can set to include or exclude the question based on the patient's age.

Addtl info detail 2.jpg

  • Under detail 3:
    • This is where you can set the behavior of what happens next, if the answer entered is a certain value. You can set the system to ask another additional info question if the answer is a certain value. You can also set the system to ask another additional info question if the answer entered does not match a certain value.

Addtl info detail 3.jpg

  • Once all the correct information has been entered, click Save.

Adding the additional information question to the order

  • Login as TWAdmin.
  • Go to "Dictionaries" in the vertical tool bar.
  • Find the Orderable Item Dictionary.
  • Click Search, and search for the order you want to apply the additional information question(s) to.
  • Highlight that order, scroll down to the instructions section, and click the link "Additional information questions".


  • Search for the additional information question(s) you want to be tied to the order, and click the down arrow to add it to the order.
  • Click Ok.


  • Click Save.