ADBR Searching Tips

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Application Design and Behavior Resource (ADBR)

When searching for information in the ADBR, it is important to note how the keywords used to perform a search affect what information is returned.

  • Using the preference Use Clinical Desktop Default View When Switching Patients as an example:'

ADBR 1.jpeg

  • By entering the first few words of the preference 'exactly' as they read with quotation marks at the beginning and the end, the system returns the following:

ADBR 2.jpeg

  • The ADBR returns the ONE Topic where this exact wording is found in the ADBR.

From here, double click on the returned Topic which activates the Search Highlight Feature

ADBR 3.jpeg

  • The user can then quickly scroll through multiple screens until the Search Highlight feature displays the exact place in the returned Topic where the entered keywords display. Voila!

ADBR 4.jpeg

  • The key to this successful search is the use of the quotation marks and exact wording!

Please note, if I had in error left out the word “Default” from my sentence…the system would have returned the following:'

ADBR 5.jpeg

  • As well, if I use the exact wording of the item I am searching for, but omit the quotation marks the system will return the following:

ADBR 6.jpeg

  • The system returns every Topic where any one of these words is found. The desired preference would be included in this, but obviously would not be easily found.

ADBR 7.jpeg