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ADBR = Application Design and Behavior Resource

This is a new (for v11) tool that provides information regarding the components in Enterprise EHR and their expected behavior.

The file can be found in the Product Documentation tab of SFDC. Here is a screenshot of where it currently lives (for 11.2 Systems Only)

  • Make Sure to look for the ADBR that corresponds to the version you are working with! It changes with every major release.


Screenshots below (Note these are for earlier versions of ADBR. Latest version is strongly recommended).


You can search for the item you are interested in, for example Clinical Desktop and below you can see the tool brought up a sample Clinical Desktop.


You can then scroll down to see more info about the Clinical Desktop in general.


Or you can also click on a section you want to learn more about, like the Encounter tab and you will be taken to the relevant information.


Now we can read about the Encounter Component


  • Please note that some portions of the ADBR may be version specific as new features get added, but also note that the ABDR is being constantly updated and added to. You may actually get more useful information from a newer version than what your version of Enterprise EHR is, just keep in mind that some items may not apply to your product.