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Orion Health Rhapsody Integration Engine, aka Rhapsody, is an interface connectivity engine. Allscripts rebrands Rhapsocy as Common Interface Engine (CIE). Allscripts uses Rhapsody extensively with their MyWay product. Historically the open-source Mirth interface engine had been utilized to integrate outside systems with the MyWay EHR. Development is underway with the integration team to migrate the Allscripts Enterprice Practice Management (AEPM) interface engine from Allscripts Interface Engine (AIE) to Rhapsody.

Orion Resources

Rhapsody Training

Overview of Rhapsody Slides from Webcast

Rhapsody Components

Rhapsody Service Monitor

Rhapsody Interface Development Engine

Rhapsody Management Console

The EDI Message Designer

The EDI Explorer

The Map Designer

Rhapsody Sub-Components

The XSD Generator

The User Manager

The SSL Certificate Manager