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This is a list of policies or protocols that are typically referenced in an organization's workflows.

Appointment Scheduling

  • Policy Duplicate Patient Searching

Call Processing

  • Policy for Red List or Urgent Needs items
  • Policy for non-patient related calls


  • Policy for when provider's charges require review
  • Policy for non-billable providers charge submission
  • Policy for when discounts are applied and entered through EHR
  • Policy for what reviewers can and cannot do when reviewing provider's charges
  • Policy for charge corrections
  • Escalation policy for when charges are not submitted within defined time frame

Chart Review

  • Policy for addressing Alerts
  • Which history components are required to be reviewed

Front Desk Appointment Check In

  • Policy Frequency of obtaining an updated HIPAA form

Intake Process

  • Protocol for vitals required (typically based off the type of visit, ie: Acute, Well, etc.)
  • Standing Order Protocol; i.e., UA, Strep tests, etc.
  • Policy whether clinical staff can enter a Chief Complaint when starting a note

Med Admin and Immunizations

  • Protocol for age-based immunizations
  • Policy for how long to require patient to wait after an injection before they can leave
  • Protocol for medication administrations without an order; ie: flu vaccine

Non-Provider Appointment and Point of Care Testing

  • Policy for when a patient should be seen as a result of findings during a non-provider visit
  • Policy for which point of care results require verification


  • Policy for which providers require co-signature of their notes
  • Policy for what can be copy and pasted from one note to another
  • Policy for time frame for signing notes


  • Policy for tracking overdue orders


  • Policy for which paper results will be recorded as discrete data in EHR
  • Policy for which results require communication to the patient in the form of a letter vs. call vs. appointment


  • Policy for what prescriptions can clinical staff create
  • Protocol for Rx Renewals staff can complete


  • Policy for historical chart scanning
  • Policy for frequency of scanning insurance card
  • Policy for what is NOT scanned
  • Policy for disposition of documents post-scanning
  • Policy for time frame of indexing of documents
  • Policy for loose-paper scanning
  • Policy for quality of scanned documents


  • Policy for when tasks need to be worked (by task type)
  • Policy for managing over-due tasks
  • Policy for time frame for completing Chart Requests
  • Escalation policy for providers not completing tasks
  • Coverage policy for when providers are out of the office