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The Winscribe portion of the EHR Transcribe module is responsible for the routing and management of dictations submitted by EHR dictating providers. The user interface or application through which jobs are viewed and transcriptionists can manage their job queues is known as Internet Typist. The Internet Typist application is designed for medical transcriptionists (MT’s) to be able to access, manage, and work their queue of dictations (or jobs).

Once a dictation has been submitted from an EHR workstation or IPAQ device and received by Winscribe it will appear in a Server Queue for a lead MT or individual typist to either delegate or assign to themselves; this also depends on the rights and privileges assigned to specific typists. Jobs can either be launched or worked from their assigned (local) queue or directly from the entire pool of department jobs (server queue).

Winscribe Module Administration

The Winscribe portion of the Transcribe module is managed using an administrative web based workspace known as LAN Manager. This is where the Winscribe administrator or support analyst can log in to build and manage Authors, Typists, Typist Groups, Job Types, Departments, Department Job Types, and even additional managers.

LAN manager can also be used as a mechanism to assign, delegate, and even to resubmit jobs back into the server queue if they have been mistakenly completed by a typist.

Build Components

This section is intended to outline and define the major build items required in order to setup a properly functioning transcription Department for Winscribe. Based on the series of linkages that need to take place to setup a department they have been listed in order of dependency as a guide for a more efficient build approach.


A Department is a required element in order to build a transcription group and ensure proper routing between authors, job types, and typist groups. The department is essentially the foundation in Winscribe through which key relationships are established. Typically there is a one-to-one relationship between practice and transcription department.

Job Types

A Job Type is essentially a work-type or also referred to as a visit type. A Job Type is a required element in order for proper routing to take place in Winscribe since it established a relationship between the Winscribe application and EHR dictionary TW Worktype. Examples of common Job Types might be:

  • Office Visit
  • Consultation
  • Pre-Op Visit
  • Letter
  • Phone Note
  • History & Physical

Key requirements for building Job Types:

  • The Job Type ID field in Winscribe must be equal to the TW Worktype dictionary Mnemonic field. This establishes the link between the Winscribe Job Types and the EHR Worktypes.
  • Be sure to verify in the EHR TW Worktype dictionary the Worktype is also linked to a valid EHR Document Type.


An Author is a required element in order for an EHR provider’s dictations to be successfully routed to the correct Departments job queue. Each provider that will be using the Dictate module and will have their jobs processed via Winscribe will need to exist as an Author in Winscribe.

Key requirements for building Authors:

  • You must link your Author to a Department
  • The Author ID field in Winscribe must equal the Outbound Dictate ID field in the EHR Provider Dictionary. This establishes the link between an EHR provider and a Winscribe Author.
  • You must set a default job type before saving the Author. This is merely a formality in Winscribe and will not affect what the provider sees in the EHR or on the IPAQ.

Typist Groups

A Typist Group is a grouping of Typists. A Typist Group must exist with assigned Typists in order for jobs to be viewable for Typists in Internet Typist. There is typically a one-to-one relationship between a department and the number of Typist Groups associated with it.


A Typist is essentially a transcriptionist and must be setup in Winscribe for the transcriptionist to be able to log into Internet Typist so they may work their job queues. The ID and password set for a Typist in Winscribe will be their username and password for Internet Typist. This is also where you would have the ability to set certain properties for the typist such as the ability to select their own jobs or delegate jobs to other typists.

Key requirements for Typists:

  • You must assign your Typist to a Typist Group in order for jobs to be viewable in Internet Typist.

Department Job Types

The Department Job Types workspace in LAN Manager is where you can establish the relationship between job types and departments. The linkage between Departments and Job Types is very important to ensure that jobs are correctly routed within Winscribe. Any job type or TW Worktype that the provider could potentially dictate against should be associated with the same department as the provider (Author).