What to Expect When Converting A Walk Through a Clinical Data Conversion

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Webcast Description

Need to convert clinical data from one EHR to another? Not sure what to expect or what needs to be considered? Don’t worry! In this webcast we’ll walk you through each phase of a clinical data conversion and review any considerations or decisions that typically need to be addressed. We’ll review scoping considerations, project team roles and responsibilities, timeline, data mapping and validation considerations, and go-live tips.

Presentation Materials

Download the slide deck Presented May 8 2015


Q: How do you make sure the converted data triggers health maintenance or appointment reminders?

A: Depending on which target EHR you’re using the setup is different. In certain systems the converted data can actually trigger the health maintenance alert. In this scenario we would make sure all the legacy data is mapped to the specific records in the target system that trigger the HM alerts. Similarly if the system’s HM alerts were automated through reporting or batching, we would make sure to map the data to records included on those reports. If we’re specifically converting Health Maintenance data for a conversion, we’ll test the entire workflow to make sure the alerts are working correctly. In the very least, if we can’t convert the HM reminders due to system setup, we can often times generate a report the needed information.