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Note Preferences

  • Each user that would be using the v11 Note would need to have the following preference- Is v10 Note User Only marked to N. if htis preference is not already set to N it will need to be changed. This will allow the user access to v11 note from the v11 Note Selector Screen. A user will have access to both v11 and v10 Notes when using the v11 Note selector screen. v11 Note Selector Screen
    • A predecesor to accessing v10 Notes in the V11 Note Selector is having completed the Group- Specialty Mapping configuration task
  • The other preference that should be considered for review is the Default Navigation After Signing. Recommended to set this to MD Charges and allow the user to override. This preference only works for v11 Notes.
  • There are additional preferences that can be reviewed in the v11 Preference Documentation in further detail and be considered for modification Note Preferences.

SSMT Steps

  • Log into SSMT
  • Pull a fresh extract from Live of the SSMT category of .Net Preference to see all users and Enterprise and look to see if the current preference set up for Note

TWAdmin Steps

  • Log into TWAdmin
  • Navigate to Preferences
  • Select Note Preference Category