V11 Note Ownership and Finalization Authority Levels

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Update V11 Note users Ownership and Finalization Authorization Levels

Note owners need to be the same or higher level than the actual Document Type they wish to access.

Compare each Note Document Type authority level with the user levels and adjust accordingly.

There are a couple of ways to do this.

One way would be to log in to SSMT

  1. Extract the Document Type Content Category
  2. Extract the User/Provider Content Category
  3. Compare the two
  4. Adjust the Ownership and Finalization Authority levels
  5. Load

Or you can certainly adjust the levels in TWAdmin by going into the Document Type Dictionary and TWAdmin Users.

Helpful Hint Note Document types are always a Manifestation "NOTEFORM" so if you want to sort by NoteForm it will cut down on time when working with your SSMTspreadsheets.