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Set up a user/provider in Enterprise EHR Version 11.2


Download Slideshow Presented July 7, 2013

Download "User Build Cheatsheet"

Q & A

Def cc Method on user, does it override what's in Provider Admin (Referring Providers)

A: Yes, Default CC Method on a user/provider overwrites the preferred communication method in the Referring Provider dictionary.

Q: Optional Clinical Messages - How are optional messages generated?

A: This functionality is no longer used in V11. I presented that it was, but that is not the case. This functionality is no longer used. V10 was the last version it was used.

Q: Show Group Admin - when assign a Group it gives them a group in the encounter screens. Default of Y means what?

A: If the user/provider doesn't have personal favorites set, then the specialty will default on the encounter form. This will leave them with ICD9s, Diagnoses, Visit Charges, etc... that pertain to their primary specialty.

Q: What does Linking provider do in Provider Admin functionally in AS?

A: Linking a Referring Provider to an existing User/Provider in Allscripts Enterprise EHR enables that user to get their referrals through Print, Fax, or a task through the system.