Updating Allergies

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When an OIG Auditor appears on your doorstep and performs an audit of your patient's charts, one thing they will look at is whether or not the patient's allergies were confirmed/updated upon each and every visit. This is also required for patient safety as well.

Once allergies are entered, you can single click on the allergy then click edit and add an annotation, "reviewed with no changes". The system will time and date stamp the entry with the users name.

In v11, adding an annotation to No Known Drug Allergies is not as easy. Below is a step by step on how to accomplish that.

  • Double click on the No Known Drug Allergies from the Clinical Desktop
  • Click on Edit in the Allergy Viewer
  • Add Annotation - "reviewed with no changes"

In v11.2, users are able to reconcile the allergy list during encounters.