TouchWorks PM and EHR install tips

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Shared Dictionaries

TouchWorks PM and TouchWorks EHR have a few dictionaries that are shared. These are mostly Reg/Sched and Charge Dictionaries. They are:

  • Appointment Type
  • Billing Location
  • Department
  • Charge Codes (CPT4)
  • CPT4 Modifier Codes
  • Diagnosis Codes (ICD9)
  • Insurance Class
  • Scheduling Location
  • Provider
  • Referring Provider

Standard Mappings for Shared Dictionaries

Keep in mind these are documented as the standard mappings in the TouchWorks PM EHR Integration document but can vary by client. Media:TWPM&EHRDictionaryDelta.xls

Things to watch out for

The hardest dictionary to manage is the referring provider dictionary. Be sure that you have thought this through. If your installation has multiple PM databases, you will want to utilize the PM Replication feature to keep that dictionary in sync for every PM client. This will ensure that the TouchWorks referring provider dictionary will have the appropriate entries. If you do not do this, the TouchWorks side of the dictionary will get messy.