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Webcast Overview

This webcast provides an overview of the tasking module in the Allscripts EHR application. The focus of this presentation is split between the front end workflow of tasking - including creating and working manual tasks and an explanation of system-generated tasks, a review of the task list, and an overview of the configuration aspects of setting up tasking in Enterprise: the dictionaries associated with tasking and the Task Admin menu option.


Q: Tasks listed in the Custom Task filters – can tasks be added to individual custom task filter groupings?

A: No. The tasks that are listed within each custom task filter are predetermined. Only those tasks associated with the custom task filter can be filtered against that criteria. It is not possible to add tasks to the group of tasks associated with the custom task filter.

Q: Delegated Tasks – in a multi-org setup, is it possible to set the delegated flag differently by organization?

A: No. The delegated flag is set across the Enterprise in the Task Name dictionary. Therefore, in a situation where there are multiple organizations within the Enterprise, there will need to be consensus as to whether or not the delegated flag should be set =Y.

Q: Is there a limitation as to how many tasks will show up on a task view?

A: There is a Framework “classic” preference called TasksNumberofRows, which allows for the specification of the number of rows that will be loaded into a task list. The settings are: 15, 25, 50, 75, 100, 200 or 300. This preference can be set at the Enterprise, Device or User levels. Typically, the setting will be for 25 or 50 task rows.

Q: Will tasks fall off after a certain period of time or stay forever until action is taken?

A: Unless the filter criteria “created” is used – which defines the period of time in which a created task will appear on the task view (based on creation date) – then, no – the only way tasks will drop off of a task list is either by actively being worked or removed from the task list.

Q: Can any task settings be altered in SSMT that cannot be altered within Task Name dictionary manually?

A: No, the only additional field found in the SSMT Task Name extract, not found in the Task Name dictionary is “Create Y/N”, which is used to indicate whether or not the Task Name entry on the SSMT upload needs to be created in Enterprise.

Q: What is the name of the document that discusses task behaviors?

A: The single best resource for information on tasking is the Allscripts ADBR. If you type in the words “list of tasks”, you will get a list of all of the tasks with information about conditions and behaviors for each task. Additionally, there are sections in the ADBR that cover the life cycle of a task and task lists. For detailed information about the dictionaries that support tasking, a great resource can be found right here on the Galen Wiki:


Q: What is a delegated task and how is it different from other tasks?

A: Please click on the following link for a complete answer to this question:



Delivered 6/8/2012:

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