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Webcast Overview

This Tasking Analytics and Optimization presentation covers an overview of how Tasking works, and walks through a demonstration of how Galen can help orginizations optimize their Tasking based on data gathered from the client's current Tasking environment.


Q: Why are all tasks not filterable by site?

A: Touchworks does allow you to filter by site using a Custom filter option. In order to filter by site, you must first choose one of the following "Task" filters:

  • Audit Order Int
  • Auth Order Int
  • Authorize Non-Formulary Medication
  • Authorize Order
  • Authorized Order
  • Authorized Rx
  • Call Back
  • Call In Failed Rx
  • Call Order
  • Confirm Patient Address
  • Confirm Patient Cardholder Info
  • Confirm Patient Pharmacy


Delivered 8/22/14: Download File