Standing up a Test ConnectR Server

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This webcast will provide an overview of standing up a test ConnectR server. In this session we will install a new instance of ConnectR on a test server. We will be taking a copy of a ConnectR database (we can call this live) and we will restore the backup ConnectR database on the new test ConnectR server.


Presented on 09/04/2013: Standing up a Test ConnectR Server

Q & A

Q: What is the advantage of EIT vs CMS Patient Bridge?


  • Determine the dictionary values that are missing out of a large number of errors.
  • Determine the output of a certain parameter across many error messages after a mapping change.
  • Allows for extraction of a list of information about error messages to send to someone responsible for the source system (i.e. Reference Lab).

Q: Can you explain what change we would see with using EIT as opposed to bridge?

A: The bridge utility looks almost the same, but now you have the ability to go http://localhost/EIT and report on error messages.

Q: What is the advantage of running ConnectR in a 64-bit environment?

A: The main advantage is that you can have an all in one test environment with Works and ConnectR on the same server.