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Often times in Enterprise EHR, the order of the dropdown items for "Patient Location" on the Patient Banner will be in a different order than desired. To remedy this, take the following steps:

  1. Take an extract of the "Site Location" content category in SSMT (Be sure to 'Show Headers in Extracted Data')
  2. Filter the "SiteEntryName" column to include only the site you wish to change
  3. Find the sequence column
  4. Number your rooms in the order you want them to be seen (1 being the top of the dropdown, 2 second in the dropdown, 3 third, etc...)
  5. Load those updated rows via SSMT
  6. Verify that the dropdown now is in the desired order

This can only be done in SSMT. There is no way in the application to set sequence order of the Patient Location dropdown.


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