Sexual Orientation

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Sexual Orientation refers to the sex of the persons to whom an individual is either sexually or romantically attracted.


Users who need to add or edit the patients sexual orientation must be assigned the Sexual Orientation-Edit security code. A user without access will see "Hidden-Ask Admin for Access" in the patient profile. Changes made to a patients sexual orientation are tracked by the system and are available in the Audit Log report.

Additional Details

Enforced Entries are as listed below- you cannot edit enforced entries other than making them inactive. However, you can add new entries if desired and assign them a Snomed code.

Dictionary Entry SNOMED Code
Lesbian 38628009
Gay 38628009
Heterosexual 20430005
Bisexual 42035005
Declined nullFlavor ASKU
Unknown nullFlavor UNK
Other nullFlavor OTH


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