Printing on Narcotic Paper

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In some states, schedule II prescriptions or controlled substances are required to be printed on special paper. This paper is often locked up and very carefully accounted for. There are several things that need to be considered in Enterprise to print prescriptions on this type of paper.

Auto print defaults in Enterprise can be configured to print on a defined paper type such as "letterhead" or "pre-printed"; this is able to be set differently for controlled substances or regular prescriptions.

Remember auto print defaults can be set at many different levels.

The printer itself will need to have the trays defined as such if the customer is going to leave the special paper in the printer. This will prevent other jobs from using the special paper. Otherwise, the printer will tell the user to insert "pre-printed" or "letterhead" as it was defined in the auto-print defaults.

The printer definitions can be done on the printer menu on the device or with a tool like HP Jet Direct.

You can visit to find the tamper-resistant prescription paper.

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