Patient Photo in Patient Profile Workflow

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How to display patient photo

In the TWAdmin workspace, navigate to Preferences. Select the General preference Display patient photo and set to Y. Preference Display Patient Photo.jpg

Inserting a patient photo

  • To insert a patient photo, do the following:
  • Click on the Patient Profile (i).
  • On the Patient Profile, click Update.
  • Select the appropriate file.
  • Click OK. The photo is displayed on the Patient Profile page.

Patient Photo-Workflow Update.jpg Patient Photo-Workflow File.jpg

When a photo file is retrieved, it is scaled to 70x70 and saved in a .jpg format.

  • Clearing a patient photo
  • To clear a patient photo from the Patient Profile page, do the following:
  • On the Patient Profile, click Update.
  • On the Open Dialog page, click Cancel.
  • On the Confirm message, click OK to clear the existing photo.