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Designed for rounding and charge capture, Patient Lists can be built in the EHR that capture specified hospital's census (ADT) lists and display a select group of patients that a provider can reference when conducting rounds.

Patient List Setup (TW v10)

Patient Lists are designed in TWAdmin under the Pt List VTB.

Patient lists are the product of filters. Based on a variety of different parameters, a Patient List can be developed that is customized to the needs of a provider, practice, or medical team.

For example, if a practice with three providers (Bob, Don, & Ann) wanted to share a Patient List for Hospital ABC, they could set up the Patient List to filter based on the Location of Hospital ABC, the admitting provider, and Visit Status (Admitted, Transferred, etc.). Constructing the filters doesn't have to be complicated, but can become so when trying to design dynamic parameters.
Many times, there will be a patient list available for each provider, filtering to display the patients they admitted or are related to in some way. In the case that the provider code in the hospital system and the ambulatory EMR are different, dummy users will need to be created in the abulatory system that identifies with the hospital's provider code. The dummy user will never be a traditional user of the system, but rather just exist in the background. When filtering is being designed, instead of filtering by the actual provider, the dummy provider associated to their hospital ID will be the filtering criteria. This will enable the filter to look at the census list that was passed to the EMR and filter in the values related to that provider in the ambulatory system.

Patient lists can also be interfaced with a hospital registration system to bring over patients from a provider's rounding list.

Patient lists can also be used to queue up the provider surgery charges. This would take the place of the manual process whereby surgery coordinators pre-complete the surgery charge ticket for the provider.

The patient list workspace is also used for downloading data returned from Panel Queries found in TWAdmin - Reports VTB.

Patient List v11

Hospital Field is managed under TWAdmin -> Org -> External Organizations

Patient List Design Decisions

  • Name and Display of Patient Lists
  • Naming Convention for Rounding Lists
  • Field Values

a) Required Local Patient Fields

b) Status types and usage - Signed Off? Assumed Care?

c) Hospitals

d) Visit Types

e) Will Unit/Room field be used? If so, what format?

f) Will Hospital MRN be used? If so, what format?

g) Subgroups

h) When does a the Submit IP charge task become overdue?

i) Who will perform patient merge tasks?

Managing Patient Lists

Patient Lists can be created at the Enterprise, Organization, and User level. This allows the administrator to limit visibility of patient lists to only those users that need access. When a list is created Enterprise, it becomes available to all users when they try to 'Manage Lists'. When managing their lists, a user can see only the lists that his/her Org or User allows. They can then select the lists they will use and add them to their available Patient Lists.

Creating and Org Level Patient List for use with Pop Health and V11.2

1. Log into TWAdmin
2. Patient List Admin
3. Add/Edit Lists (top middle tab)
4. Click “organization” radio button
5. Click “new”
6. Enter a name for the List (e.g. MU: Disease Name or ICD9)
7. Click “save”
8. Click “manage lists” tab at the top
9. In the “for” dropdown, select a user to assign the list to
10. Next to “available lists” type in the list name and hit “go”
11. Select the list and click “add to my lists” (repeat steps 10-12 for additional users)
12. Click the “patient list” tab at the top
13. Where it says “for” search for any user that the list has been assigned to
14. Where it says “list” select the desired list (only AFTER the list has been pushed to the db from Pop Health)