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Webcast Overview

Let Galen's expert EHR Consultants help you with: Population Health Management including building queries using the UMP and Clinical Rules Editor, as well as creating or editing Patient Action Sets within the Pop Health Mgmt workspace in Enterprise EHR.


Q: Is there a limit of providers that you can include in your queries, i.e appts under a number of providers?

A: No, there is not a limit to this particular category.

Q: Is there a way to create a list of patients that have been prescribed a medication that has been recalled?

A: Most recalls from the FDA need immediate attention, namely those that are Class I drugs that would entail setting up a simple query based on prescription data alone. This would return any patient, seen by any provider and will return a list of patients that you can notify easily. Including their phone number in the query results and assigning this list to a nurse to follow up with these patients, would be very efficient. The medication detail in the clinical rules editor even will let you further the criteria down to the strength to further define the drug you are looking for.

Q: Please give an update for nightly patient list actions.

A: I’m going to guess this is related to the 500 limit that we briefly discussed in the known issues list. I would need to access all the data first for accuracy and updates ... but, I believe in V11.2.3 HF 3 and lower the nightly query results are not processed, meaning the push to DB will only be 500 patients and any actions that you have selected will only be on those patients. After V11.2.3 HF 6, this 500 limit was remedied and your actions set criteria will then be on all of the patients. Again, though... those reminders action sets are currently being investigated with the DEV team and were unfortunately a backlash of this remediation of the 500 patient issue.

Q: I have heard that the transition to V11.4 will include a configuration step to rebuild our queries. Do you know if this is true?

A: Yes, this is correct. Your diagnosis that was used in V11.2 was based on pulling ICD9 terms. We must now base these queries on ICD-10 IMO terms to correctly query your database once you are on V11.4. There are a few places where this type of configuration must take place. For example, all Assessment forms that are built using ICD-9 terms must now be rebuilt using IMO terms.

Q: I am not seeing the Population health icon in the UMP for my log in. How do I get this?

A: This is a special request to your support representative who has the administrative rights to add this to your login as well as to anyone else on your team.


View/download powerpoint slides here Presented 3/29/2013

Additional Information

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