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This dictionary contains entries that describe the reason that an order is in its current status. Some reasons pertain to necessary action such as specimen collection. Other reasons document clinical reasoning such as why a medication was discontinued (adverse reaction, ineffective, etc.). This dictionary is intended to replace the need for annotations for most clinical documentation. The See Annotation entry is enforced. Some of the entries in this dictionary are enforced and some are not. Clients can add entries to this dictionary. Outstanding orders that were set to Manual Activation or On Hold Pending Activation before the upgrade are automatically set to Hold For. The Results Needing Review status determines if the user needs to review the results. All order status reasons must be satisfied before the order can advance to the next status.


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  • Code - The Code is a unique identifier that must be supplied. This is not displayed in the product and is used for identification purposes only.
  • Name - This is the name that will appear for the end users in the EHR application. This should be unique to prevent confusion.
  • Mnemonic - This is not required, but it used as a secondary identifier. This does not appear in the product and unless you have another use for it, the recommendation would be to make this the same as the code.
  • Inactive - The inactive flag allows you to inactivate or hide an entry.
  • Enforced - The enforced flag designates whether a dictionary item is required and cannot be changed. In most cases, this comes predefined by Allscripts and should not be selected for new entries. If an entry is enforced, it cannot be modified or inactivated.