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The Merge Fields dictionary contains entries that list the fields that are used to build and format print templates for document output. This dictionary is built with standard entries that are enforced. Adding new fields also requires code changes for them to be effective, thus, it is not recommended that end-users make additions to this dictionary.


  • Code - The Code is a unique identifier that must be supplied. This is not displayed in the product and is used for identification purposes only.
  • Name - This is the name that will appear for the end users in the EHR application. This should be unique to prevent confusion.
  • Mnemonic - This is not required, but it used as a secondary identifier. This does not appear in the product and unless you have another use for it, the recommendation would be to make this the same as the code.
  • Inactive - The inactive flag allows you to inactivate or hide an entry.
  • Enforced - The enforced flag designates whether a dictionary item is required and cannot be changed. In most cases, this comes predefined by Allscripts and should not be selected for new entries. If an entry is enforced, it cannot be modified or inactivated.

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Implementation Considerations

Merge fields have identified as a work in progress by Allscripts DEV. The following Merge Fields have been fully tested as of 11.1.7SP1

  • CCLIST/CCList: Indicates the recipients on the carbon copy list.
  • CCDETAIL/CCListDetail: Indicates the recipients on the cc list.
  • CCRECADDR/CCRecipientAddressBlock:
  • CCRECIEP/CCRecipientName:
  • COPYTYPE/CopyType: Indicates the copy type.
  • NOW/CurrentDateTime: Indicates the current system time.
  • DOCJOBID/DictationSystemID: Indicates the dictation system ID.
  • DOCSITEAD1/DocSiteAddress1: Indicates the first address line of the document site.
  • DOCSITEAD2/DocSiteAddress2:
  • DOCSITECIT/DocSiteCity:
  • DOCSITEFX/DocSiteFax:
  • DOCSITEPHO/DocSitePhone:
  • DOCSITESTA/DocSiteState:
  • DOCSITEZIP/DocSiteZip:
  • DOCAUTID/DocumentAuthorID:
  • DOCAUTNAME/DocumentAuthorName:
  • DOCEXTID/DocumentExtID: This is a unique ID that gets generated for scanned images/documents and is used as a linkage between the *EEHR Works database and the Impact database.
  • DOCEXTSEQI/DocumentExtSeqId: A field in the Document table with either a 0 or blank value.
  • DOCID/DocumentID: This is the DocumentID of the latest version as seen in the Document History dialog.
  • DOCOWNID/DocumentOwnerID: Indicates the document’s owner’s ID.
  • DOCOWNNAME/DocumentOwnerName: Indicates the document’s owner’s name.
  • DOCSVCDTTM/DocumentServiceDTTM: This is the date of the encounter in context when the document was first created.
  • DOCSITENAM/DocumentSiteName: Indicates the document’s site name.
  • DOCSTATUS/DocumentStatus: Indicates the document’s status.
  • DOCTRNSID/DocumentTranscriptionID: Indicates the document’s transcription ID.
  • DOCTYPE/DocumentType: Indicates the document type.
  • LRADDR/LetterRecipientAddressBlock: Indicates the letter recipient’s address.
  • LRPROVNAME/LetterRecipientName: Indicates the letter recipient’s name.
  • ORGADDR/OrganizationAddressBlock:
  • ORGLOGO/OrganizationLogo:
  • ORGURL/OrganizationWebiste:
  • PATADDR/PatientAddressBlock:
  • PATAGE/PatientAge:
  • PATBPHONE/PatientBusinessPhone:
  • PATDOB/PatientDOB:
  • PATDL/PatientDriverLicense:
  • PATENCDT/PatientEncounterDTTM: Indicates the date and time of the encounter.
  • PATENC/PatientEncounterType: Indicates the encounter type.
  • PATEMRN/PatientEnterpriseMRN: Indicates the patient’s medical record number within the enterprise.
  • PATETHNIC/PatientEthnicGroup:
  • PATFIRST/PatientFirstName: .
  • PATFULL/PatientFullName:
  • PATHPHONE/PatientHomePhone:
  • PATLANG/PatientLanguage:
  • PATLAST/PatientLastName:
  • PATMAR/PatientMaritalStatus:
  • PATMIDDLE/PatientMiddleName:
  • PATMMN/PatientMotherMaidenName:
  • PATOMRN/PatientOrganizationMRN:
  • PATOTHER/PatientOtherNumber: This is an unique identifier at the organization level available for a patient.
  • PATPREFIX/PatientPrefix:
  • PATSEX/PatientSex:
  • PATSSN/PatientSSN: .
  • PATSUFFIX/PatientSuffix:
  • PATPLOC/PrimaryPatientLocation: Indicates the patient’s primary location within the enterprise.
  • PRNTFULL/PrintingUserFullName: Indicates how the patient’s full name is printed.
  • PRINTUSERID/PrintingUserID: Indicates how the user’s ID is printed.
  • PROVPCP/Provider-PrimaryCare:
  • PROVRHP/Provider-Referring:
  • PROVRCP/Provider-RegularCare:
  • PROVADDR/Provider Address
  • PROVPHONE/Provider Phone
  • PROVSPECIA/Provider Specialty
  • SITEADDR1/SiteAddress1: Indicates the first line of the site address.
  • SITEADDR2/SiteAddress2:
  • SITECITY/SiteCity:
  • SITENAME/SiteName:
  • SITEPHONE/SitePhone:
  • SITESTATE/SiteState:
  • SITEZIP/SiteZip:
  • DOCUDF1-DOCUDF10/UserDefinedField1-UserDefinedField10: Indicates custom fields designated by the organization for use with print tem