Medication and MediSpan

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This webcast covers Medication in the AEHR, including Medi-Span updates through Delta Process.

Webcast Materials

Presented 06/07/13



Q: When splitting an Rx, and entering instructions for the pharmacy, will the instructions go out to both pharmacies?

A: Yes, we tested this in v 11.2 and the instructions will go to both pharmacies.

Q: Is it possible to enter a Free Text SIG for the entire practice to use in Enterprise v 11.2?

A: No. Free Text SIG's are only available personally to the provider who creates them.

Q: Hi! In the blurb for the webcast they mentioned showing drill down to HMP, Analytics, MU/MVX.. will that be details in a separate webcast?

A: We will post a link to more information within this wiki and also put this on the list for a future presentation.