MU Selection and Configuration of Measures

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Originally aired: Friday, October 14, 2011 Presenter: Christy Erickson

I'd like to note that a few minutes near the beginning of this webinar were not visible. The issue was on the presenter's side, not the attendees.

Webcast materials

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Q: If you haven't upgraded to v11.2 yet what can be done now to prepare for the v11.2 upgrade project and Meaningful Use reporting?

A: There are several things that can be done to prepare. First, if the Menu and/or Clinical Quality Measures haven't been selected yet the process of deciding which ones will be used by the organization can begin. Secondly, obtain current state workflows of each site to ensure there is a thorough understanding of what the end users are doing today in each site so when new workflows are developed there is a clear understanding of who will be impacted and what actually needs to be trained. Any of the clinical quality measures can be configured and does not require v11.2 functionality. Therefore, if the measures have been chosen the building of orderable items or resultable items and adding the necessary codes such as CPT, LOINC, SNOMED can be done now. Please understand it is recommended to build in test first then move to live environment. If you build it in Live, remember to train the end users to avoid unnecessary support calls.