MU2 and V11.4.1 Preferences

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Webcast details

Join us for a review of preference settings in Touchworks v11.4.1 that are pertinent to Meaningful Use 2.

Originally aired: Friday, August 8, 2014

Presenter: Tony Yelacic & Melanie Rudd

Webcast Materials

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Q: The formularies are seen far and few between when prescribing meds. Could this be a delta issue? What demographics need to be available for formulary search to be successful?

A: As to the formularies being seen, it could be the delta but we would need more information to be able to understand more completely. Galen has someone that could work with you on figuring that issue out and that could also transfer to the demographics situation. We can review your exact workflow, check configuration and perform testing.

    Some information from the ADBR:  The demographics sent are the Name, Zip Code, DOB, Gender while the demographics returned are Name, Address, City, State, zip code, DOB, Gender.