MU2 What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

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Join us for a frank discussion regarding who, what, when, where, and why’s for MU2. We will look at the methodology, decision points and how to analyze them as well as some of the potential pitfalls for Meaningful Use 2.

Originally aired: Friday, July 11, 2014 Presenter: Tracy Kimble and Becky Matias

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Q. Are there any CQM’s that are not be certified by AHS?

A. Actually AHS has not certified 3 measures from CMS: They are-

  • CMS 61- Preventative Care and Screening for Cholesterol LDL
  • CMS 64- Preventative Care and Screening: Risk – Stratified Cholesterol for LDL
  • CMS 179- ADE Prevention and Monitoring of Warfarin Time in Therapeutic Range

Q. I see LOINC Code field listed in the orderable item dictionary and it is also in the resultable item dictionary. Where do I add the LOINC?

A. This is a really valid question. It is Allscripts recommendation to add LOINCS at the result level most of the time. The reason for this is that orders can have multiple result components and that have different LOINC codes and the many of the calculations run off those individual result codes. An example of this is a CBC test. One exception, and there really are not many… is an EKG. That order really has one resultable item and the code could be added at the order level. However in the spirit of consistency we do recommend using the result for them. Make sure to carefully read the configuration documents on how particular measures are calculculated.

Q. I am an orthopedic practice and my choices are pretty limited for CQM’s. I was thinking of selecting the Flu Vaccine and then just claiming exempt? Is this a good plan?

A. In this instance we are referring to CMS 117/NQF 0038. This is actually a pretty common question, and I have to give you a word of caution on this. Allscripts recommends that you choose CQM’s that are relevant to your scope of practice. So the answer is yes if you are going to actually administer the flu vaccine. If you are not offering the vaccine then this measure would not work for you because there is not an exempt option for attesting on this measure. In order for you to find the answers to these kinds of questions it is really important to meet with the clinical staff when selecting the measures. In addition if you are a multispecialty organization this is even more vital for a couple of reasons as you will in many cases need to configure more than the 9 measures across the three domains. You want to keep in mind the timelines and resources needed to configure and test appropriately.