MEDITECH Reporting

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Quality Reporting

Report Writer

 *Used in Magic, C/S and 6.x on NPR applications
 *Uses standard data fields and allows addition of custom (computed) fields


  • Very customizable
  • Allows addition to MEDITECH menus for end-users
  • Scheduling of reports


  • Cannot be used to retrieve any 6.x M-AT language information.
  • Requires understanding of hierarchical data structure of MEDITECH
  • Steep learning curve
  • NPR Report Writer Tips & Tricks

MEDITECH Report Designer

 *Requires 6.0 or higher
 *Typically used to retrieve 6.x M-AT language information and can also pull NPR language


  • Easier to understand than RW when used for basic report writing
  • Can be added to end-users MEDITECH menus
  • Scheduling of reports
  • Allows import of images


  • Requires understanding of MEDITECH hierarchical data structure
  • Every custom field requires usage of a rule
  • Standard MA-T report cannot be initialized as in RW

Data Repository

 *External SQL database that sits on separate server from MEDITECH
 *Populated through incremental ETL
 *Overlays can be purchased from vendors


  • Provides reporting redundancy
  • Built on Microsoft stack & tools
  • Tables outside of MEDITECH can reside on the server and can pull information with MEDITECH


  • Added expense of separate server and it's upkeep
  • Accuracy of data

Unleashing the Potential of Data Repository

ESS (Executive Support System)

 *Standard pre-packaged Views; Ideal for financial information
 *Does not require separate purchase


  • Standard views/breakdowns
  • End users can drill down for additional details
  • Views can be easily organized
  • Graphs can be produced


  • NPR report must be written and installed for any non-standard fields/breakdowns
  • Application data is usually updated daily or at the end of a period
  • Meditech will have to turn on ESS

Compiled Reports

 *Found in ABS, QM/RM, ARM, PP and GL - called Report Writer
 *Predefined data fields are pulled onto predefined report formats


  • No Special training required
  • Users can continue to work while files are compiling in the background
  • A selection dictionary can be built to run similar reports over and over
  • Certain Meditech functions allow users to branch to from Compiled Reports


  • Limited data fields available
  • Limited printing format