MEDITECH Interfaces-Troubleshooting a Result Interface

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Potential Issues

Potential interface issues that have occured when setting up interfaces for MEDITECH EHR's.

  • Reconciliation process; verify correct report in MEDITECH and ability to push to shared folder daily.
  • Verify ability to run weekly downloads for new tests or providers added into MEDITECH.
  • When multiple tests are ordered under one order, only one result shows in MEDITECH.
  • Verify antibiotic susceptibility for cultures (i.e. STCL, URCL, WCL)
  • Inpatient results:

-Is there a way to put the status from inpatient (I, O, D) to outpatient? Users would like a way to identify inpatient labs. -There is some concern regarding the volume of results that could be in the Chart for some patients.

  • Preliminary results: Can a task be generated to ordering provider for results in Prelim status that are Abnormal
  • Annotations printing twice doesn't exactly match MEDITECH printout - can we hide these?
  • Cancellation of labs - currently not showing cancelled status in MEDITECH
  • MEDITECH/Forward Advantage: Make sure we cut off faxing for Lab, Micro, Blood Bank, Path - and not Rad - as each physician goes live
  • Results not filing in where actual result is a period/formatting issue in mapping
  • Verify process for data entry errors in MEDITECH(if incorrect MRN is entered and it errors in interface, can you edit and refile or have to reorder)
  • Results are coming back later than faxes
  • Comments entered in MEDITECH come across multiple times for results
  • For some tests (i.e. CBC) analyte level does not come through the interface - only the result value
  • Inpatient results are coming across the interface for the ambulatory record
  • RAD results are coming across the interface for the ambulatory
  • Not receiving complete Blood Bank results
  • Develop a way to 'turn on' each physician so results begin filing in electronically 2 days prior to go-live day
  • Give IDX View Access to Lab to cross-reference patients if there are issues with MRN
  • Interface changes from Test to Live; current PhysConnect issue

Troubleshooting Tips

This will be used to help troubleshoot basic orders issues

List failed orders to OM

  • shows any orders that didn't sent out of MPM due to required queries not being answered or orders that went out to Meditech but bounced back and canceled due to some mismatch between MPM and Meditech. Useful if trying to determine exactly how the orders are failing whether it be interface or dictionary configuration. Run it for today's date and the location you are going live at.
  • location of report -> Clinical>rxm>reports>list failed orders to OM

Rad orders entered for Today

  • shows radiology orders entered with "Today" as order period instead of "T+1". These will transmit to Meditech but not create a pending appt on the waitlist. Therefore Schedulers don't know it ever existed.
  • location of report -> Administrative>sch>rad orders entered for Today

Results Task Failure Report

  • location of alternate report -> Clinical->PWM->Reports->Results Reports->Print Result Task Failure Log

List Ordered Procedures

  • shows all orders entered in the system, can be filtered by category (injection, rad, lab, etc.)

Compare Orders to Results

  • shows order status, if results task was generated, if task has been closed
  • location of report -> Clinical>rxm>reports>list ordered procedures
  • location of alternate report -> Clinical->PWM->Reports->Results Reports->Print Compare Orders to Results Report