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Pediatric Immunization Schedules

Although immunization schedules will vary provider to provider, there is a schedule published by the Center for Disease Control and American Academy of Pediatrics that is deemed the national standard: Printable CDC Pediatric Immunization Schedules.

Many providers and parents also consider alternative immunization schedules. Dr. William Sears, a highly regarded pediatrician, has published an alternative schedule. He and his team of pediatric practitioners also provide a lot of general pediatric health and parenting assistance on their website: Dr. Sears Pediatric Health Resource.

In addition, Keywords can be set up to help providers more easily order immunizations for a particular age group.

  • Do not forget to update your CVX codes. Meaningful Use requires CVX codes as the standard when transmitting immunization information to state registries. For a list of mapped immunizations and CVX codes, take a look at the following link provided by the CDC: IIS: HL7 Standard Code Set CVX -- Vaccines Administered.
  • The same goes with MVX codes. Meaningful Use requires that vaccine manufacturers be reported using MVX codes as specified by the CDC. The existing Manufacturer Dictionary includes an MVX field to map vaccine manufacturers to the corresponding MVX code.