Historical Scan Options

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OPTION I – Archived Folder

1. Scan into the Archived Folder

2. Click on document and Open the Filer

3. Index documents into the appropriate folder, assigning the corresponding date and document owner (provider)

RESULT: Every historical document is filed and assigned the corresponding date and provider’s name. Documents can potentially be reviewed for QA prior to filing in chart.

NEGATIVE EFFECT: Time consuming to file after scanning and for a valid QA process.

OPTION II – Historical Folders

Upfront work:

1. Create historical document types and assignment to folders


1. Open up patient chart

2. Scan all documents directly into the hs folders for the corresponding document type

RESULT: Multiple dates documents are filed as one document under the “hs” heading indicating that it came from the paper chart. More efficient scanning workflow.

NEGATIVE EFFECT: Documents are filed at a higher level and lumped together as one document. Provider would have to page through the documents in Chartviewer.